Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This is my baby with his game boy. Notice the sheep on his clothes. This is one of my favorite. See the smile. He is so happy to get his game boy. We had such hard time with his potty training for 6 months. One day, we were watching TV, and he told me he want the toy on the TV (game boy). I told him that I spent all my money on his diapper, so I do not have money to buy toys for him. He turned around, looked at me very seriouly, and said " Mom, no diapper, then I can buy toy." I answer "yes". One week later, he was potty trained; two weeks later, we went out and bought him this game boy. He has been carried his game boy every where with him. Posted by Picasa
Sorry, I wanted to publish this one first, but didn't send it out. I dyed these wool to see what color my dyes will come out . They are quiet bright. Notice there are 2 shade of yellow. While I was dying my yellow, I notice they become a little darker than I wanted, so I throw another skein of yarn to drink the rest of color. Most of these yarns are from knit picks. Few of them are my hand spun yarn. Nice and bright. I think I am going to ply with mixing dye color next time. Posted by Picasa
This is the bag I made from those wool I dyed. I think the colors are too bright. But this give me a good idea what my dye would look when I use them on wool. I did felt this bag, but didn't like the this bag when it's felt. I think I need to cut it and saw them back together to make it square. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 05, 2005

This in my new kitten. Isn't she soooooo cute. She is too skinny. I bought 7 bags of kitty treat, and hopping to make her gain enougt weight in a short time.  Posted by Picasa

Another picture of my fiber Posted by Picasa

Here they are, all the fiber I got back from my wool processor. Aren't they beautiful. The biggiest bag is Rommey, Dark brown color is merrino, smaller white bag is dorcet. Light grey is Shetland and dark grey is Rommey/ corridale cross.  Posted by Picasa

I finished this one a while ago, but do not have chance to put the picture on my blog. I love it. The pattern is so wonderful to knit. I have to thank Maggie to show me few tip on knitting this one. I will have to make this one again. This one is made of varigate cotton yarn I got from Taiwan. I have this yarn in few different color. This yarn is great for summer project. Soft, light and bright.  Posted by Picasa

This is one of the projects I am working on right now. The pattern is Banff from knitty. It is nice and sweet to knit. I love this color. The color on this picture actually very clost to its real color. I have to knit it in the circle, because I hate to sew picecs together. I am going to work on sleeves next week.  Posted by Picasa

This is another project I made for my son, the picture doesn't show the real color. The main color is avacado green. It is so cute. All my friends love it. I am making another one for my friend. This time (the one for my friend) I am knitting it in the circle, so I do not have to sew so much, I hate sewing with hand ( means if it is machine sewing, I do not mind at all). I also want to make the same one for myself, with different yarn thought.  Posted by Picasa

This is a vest I made for my son-Lukas. I used knitpick dye yourself merrino yarn. I dye them with 2 different shades of blue. I just measure my gaguge, and start to knit this one. No pattern--I like kids wear simple stuff. This one use almost 1 skein( 440yard). It is a little big for him right now, but I think it will be just fine in winter. I dyed the yarn with the lighter blue first. Then I made few node on the skein, then dye it in darker blue again. I think I want to make (dye) darker color next time.  Posted by Picasa

Long time no see, my friends

Hi, my blogging friends, I am sorry that I hasn't post anything for a long while. I am still spending most of my free time on my fiber stuff, it just that I do not have time to use computer much.
I am reading sweater workshop from J. Fee. It is wonderful book, I learn few new tricks from her book. I met her in person few times, and love sweaters on her which she dyed, spun, and knitted herself. I really think her book is great for spinner or hand spun yarn.

Although I love spinning, but I spent most of my fiber time on knitting then past few months. I did finished few projects. I also practiced to spin lace weight yarn, because I have my mind on few nice lace project. Hopefully I will start at least one of those project this fall.

I also got all my fiber back from my wool processor. They all come out so beautiful. I have to figure out what I am going to do with them.

I am on very serious yarn and wool diet. I just have too much, and they are occupy every available space in my house----I really appreciate my dh not complaining about them.

I also try to dye some of my yarn and wool. I am still in the very beginning of learning process. Color will come out nice, but a lot of time, not the color I have in mind. I will post some pictures later.

I also got a kitten. She is so cute. Her mother is a wild cat, my co-worker's friend caught the mother and give her the shelter. But they already have 3 other cats in the house, so they have to put all 3 kittens to adoption.

I am going to spinning bee at my local spinning group tomorrow. I will take some nice pictures.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Finished Kool-aid dyed yarn!!! I like it! Posted by Hello

Kool-aid dyed wool turing into yarn! Posted by Hello

Kool-aid dyed Rommey!! Posted by Hello

Details. Polish people like details.  Posted by Hello

See the double drive!!!! I have no idea how to adjust it, yet. Posted by Hello

See the double drive. Posted by Hello

My new wheel from Poland. It is very cute. It is doble drive whic I never use before. I need to figure out how to adjust this wheel. Posted by Hello

Finished combing my columbia wool

I finally finished combing all my columbia wool. I bought last winter. I had fun combing this wool. I really like the way wool come out from combing. I am combing shetland wool. I do not have too much shetland, so it shouldn't take too long.

Columibia Wool  Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I just add some tension to my lazy-kate. Look at the right lower conner. I just screw a hood, some fishing line, a small rubber band. Dala, it is tensionize lazy kate. It work so much better when I ply my yarn. The plying twist is lot more even and i no longer have to struggle with tangle up yarn.  Posted by Hello

These are my new projects. The one on the left was the one I talk about not having enough yarn. The one on the right is the new yarn I am making it with. I think this is going to be great spring, summer scarf. I am planning to take the one on the left apart, since I do not have enough yarn to make the scarf  Posted by Hello

This is my new wheel whick I won from ebay. It is made in Germany. It is quiet primitive. I hasn't descide if I really like it or not. The bobbin are so big, I think it will be great for plying.  Posted by Hello

Another picture of my new wheel.  Posted by Hello

Another Picture of My new wheel!  Posted by Hello

This is my new wheel I got from e-bay. IT LOOKS better in the picture Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My plan for my 15lb Rommey wool

I order some (15lb) of raw Rommey fleece few weeks ago. It came in a large bag. Since I wash my fleece in my washer, I usually do not mind to wash my own fleece. However, I made up my mind to process as much fleece as I can in the next few month, I have been thinking how to use my time more efficiently. Then I remember a while back I read a article about a girl was giving a very very dirty fleece. She thought to herself--It will take me forever to clean this fleece--so she decide to give up that fleece. She left it on the fence of her yard. Few months later, she realize rain has clean that dirty fleece, and the fleece was wonderful. So here is my plan. I am going to leave my fleece in some kind of container with lots of holes in it, then leave it outdoor when the spring comes. I will take them out and bring them in to wash with soap at the end of spring. I think it is a brilliant ideal. What do you think?

I just start a new scarf project. A while back I saw Jennifer Anderson wear this nice scarf in one of her movies. Then I saw a very simmiler pattern in Michelle's pattern calander. Now it is on my circular needle. I use a very shiny hot pink cotton yarn. I like the way it comes out. I am now praying that I will have enough yarn to make it to a nice length. I will post a picture of it latter on. ( I finally figure out how to add pictures in my blog. Heeheehee)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

This are combed wool I finished the past week. I just got my comb. I love them so much, I just can't stop combing Posted by Hello